Fours years of hard work and much money finally paid off - not only do I have a car I for the track that I won't mind writing off, so does Tim. For years I had pretty much stopped competing as I couldn't stand the thought of losing the 88 to a track incident. Tim still ran time trials and hillclimbs with his Sentra, but no wheel to wheel. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do.

Wheel to wheel sounds awesome, and I'm really looking forward to running some endurance races. The original ITB car, #20 was built so that I could also run Mt. Washington or a ProRally with it. That goes to show you how long ago we started these projects - back then there was talk of having stages at the Maine Summer Forest Rally that would be OK for IT legal cars that are not normally registered. Now Maine Summer is so oversubscribed that will never happen. Doesn't matter though, #26, while still needing a few things to be Rally-legal, is registered. My tentative plan is to run Ski Sawmill in 2003, as the spring of 2002 will be taken up with getting my Club Racing license.

Here are a handful of pages written in the first couple of years of building #20.

A number of people have asked about putting harnesses in their cars for autox. Here are some pix of the street car and the IT car. This is a very simple project anyone can do in an hour or two. You may need an air gun to get the seat belt bolts off the first time though. :)

Last updated December 29, 2001