This was my first Divisional event, in 1987, Harrisburg, PA. Back then the car ran in G Stock, with most of the turbos (SVO's, BMW 318's, Audi Quattro's, Merkuer XR4Ti). It was hopelessly outclassed, except when it rained. The advantage I had then was the turbo cars couldn't use their power, therefore they really had no more horsepower than I did.

I managed to win the Divisionals that year, and come in 4th in the Nationals in Salina, Kansas. OK, so it rained the first day in Kansas.  You do what you have to do.  <G>

In the early 90's the car was reclassed to E Stock, against the Rabbits and Hondas. Again it was trounced on (although I wasn't running it at that time). This year they finally put it where it belongs (IMHO) - H Stock. Of course I've modified just enough of the suspension to put the car in D Street Prepared, yet not enough to be competitive. Oh well.

This was the last autox (so far) I've run with the car. It was in March 97 at Waterbury Tech College, with FCSCC. Basically, I was planning on running Lime Rock in a couple of weeks, and wanted to try out the tires I had bought previous fall. I found out they did rub at the autox, but were fine on the track. They're 225/50/15's in case anyone cares.

Here are more pix of the first year I autoxed it.