A Small Tribute to Carl Merrill who passed away 10/3/98

Here's my 1988 Escort GT. I bought this new in November of 87. This was not quite the car I ordered: mine was to have every option but the rear wiper and a/c. It was taking too long to come in (long story ), so I ended up with this one instead - the one I test drove. It's got every option but rear wiper and premium sound. It was originally blue with the grey bumpers and lower doors, but as that paint deteriorated I decided to make it all one color, and change the color to boot. The re-do was finished early June 1997 and it was sure worth the wait! 

I picked it up eary in the month and was on an autox course with it the following weekend. This was my first full year autoxing and I was having a blast. I ran it in GS for all of 1988, competing in the NE Divisionals (1st place) and the Solo II Nationals (4th place) even.  

I've spent the past 14 years gradually modifying it here and there: the paint, wheels, suspension, silly motor stuff like a K&N, advanced timing and a couple other things. A Sparco drivers seat and 4 point harness complete the interior. The harness never fails to draw a shocked stare from a first time passenger. "Are you going to drive really fast?" is the most asked question. I disappoint them, unless they are lucky enough to take a spin on a course with me. Or for one lucky past co-worker, the "gotta test the new snows in the fresh snow" drive. ;) A light tint has been added to the windows since the above pic was taken.

The downfall to going the route I did was that despite my love for competing, I basically made it so I wouldn't put it on the track again. What to do?

Easy answer - get a couple more and go racing!

Autocross pix

Road Race pix


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